My experience with leaving the Mormon church

My visiting teacher wrote

I suspect that she knows I’m leaving the church.  I was very surprised to receive a letter from her.  She said she had been sick and not able to visit any of her sisters this month because of it.

The letter was filled with many suggestions to remember why I joined the church and how I felt while coming to church.  She asked that I return to church, as people cared for me.  There was no mention of me leaving the church, officially, just quite a few “I don’t know why I’m writing this to you, I just feel inclined to,” variations.  It also included a lesson on temples, which I threw out.  I kept the letter, though.  I don’t plan on responding to it.

This is all I really have.  I wonder if the relief society president still plans on coming over Thursday night.  I will have to make it a point to not be home or to have hubby answer the door!  :-/


Comments on: "My visiting teacher wrote" (2)

  1. As you probably already know, Mormons will try to “love bombard” you back into the church. They mean well, but it’s all done in an insincere attempt to maninpulate your feelings and emotions. They often times have a hard time understanding “why” anyone would find more JOY, peace and happiness outside of the confines of the LDS, vs. inside.

    Stick to your guns, and politely tell them you have moved on , and wish them well, but appreciate that they respect yoru wishes.

    • Thank you, Gloria! I appreciate your comment and support! I figured I’d get this sooner or later from someone in the ward. Just didn’t expect it from my VT, because she just started as my VT last month.

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