My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Another note, this time from the RS President.  She usually comes over on the last Thursday night of the month to study Preach my Gospel with me.  I told my husband if she did happen to stop by, to answer the door for me.  Well, we didn’t hear her drop the note off, but when hubby went out to have a cigarette, he found it.

It says:

“Dear Tina,

Hello!  I’ve missed hearing from you and hope all is well.  I think of you often and pray for you as well.  You are a special daughter of God – I know He lives.  I know He knows and loves you personally, and I know that He hears & answers prayers.  Call or email me if I can do anything for you!  Love, K :)”

Another one to ignore.  I hope this ends soon, just tired of it all.  Not that I can’t handle it, though.  I will overcome!  🙂


Comments on: "Note from Relief Society President" (2)

  1. Yep, the “love bombardment” has definately begun for you! Gag!! I call it the ‘syrupy’ in-sincere love bombardment.
    I remember when I left, a ward member, sent me a dinner invite via the mail. How wierd is that. I called her up and confronted her, told her I knew exactly what she was doing and I was simply not interested. She admitted that her “motive” was to get me back into the “church”.

    I am so glad to be OUT of that church!

    Hold on to Jesus, Tina. There is life, a wonderful abundant life outside of the Mormon church!!

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