My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Decided since they have not removed my name from the list and it’s been pretty much a month, to fax them again.  I am also sending it certified mail, so they get it and I have proof.  I really have no proof if I fax it to them.  At least not with my fax machine.  It just tells me that it was transmitted, no print out.  So, the letter is below:

“Dear Mr. Dodge,
I wrote to you on October 7, 2010 to have my name removed from the LDS church records and you acknowledged this on October 8, 2010.  As I am no longer a member of the LDS church, and am not subject to the rules of the church, I wish to have this done immediately.  If this is not done within two weeks, I will seek legal counsel.  Again, the only contact I want from the church, including the local ward and stake, is notification of my name being removed from the membership records.



Comments on: "My second letter to LDS Member Records" (2)

  1. Good for you!

    I also sent my resignation letter in certfied mail.
    I sent a copy of the letter to the membership department, the Bishop and the Stake President.

    The bishop tried to tell me ” I had to meet” with him to get it processed, this was just a “bate” to get me to come into their “turf”. Didn’t work, I politely told him no way, and I knew my legal rights. They processed it within 1 week.

    I remember the day I got my confirmation letter, wow! What a wonderful freeing day that was for me!

    No more bondage! Free in JESUS!!

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