My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Probably a bad idea

I sent a handwritten letter to the bishop of my former ward.  My former VT, whom I am trying to stay friends with, said I would have to talk to him.  Now, I know I don’t have to, but I sent the letter, anyway.  I read the Church Handbook of Instructions and it states that any member who wants their name removed has to send a handwritten letter to the bishop.  Like I said, I know I didn’t have to, but I did.  Might be a bad idea, might not be.  Anyway, it’s in the mail.  I asked to be removed immediately, with no contact except for a written letter of confirmation that my name was removed.  Who knows, maybe it’ll make the process go faster!

Comments on: "Probably a bad idea" (2)

  1. You are absolutely legally not bound to them , the LDS in any way. Once you send in your resignation letter you are FREE from that orginization. It is your legal right in the U.S.
    Just as you are free to join the Mormons, you are free to leave, and no you don’t have to meet with any bishop or anyone for that mattter.

    They try to tell people that they “have” to meet with you — this is a snare and a trap. Don’t buy into it.

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