My experience with leaving the Mormon church

The Love-Bombs

It’s started with just my VT.  I feel like crying.  The following is what she wrote in an email this morning:

“Again, I feel so bad that you asked to have your name removed from the church records, but of course you have your agency to choose that. When someone takes such a drastic measure like this we can’t help but wonder why. It’s human nature I guess. But I do know that we have a wonderful bishop who truly loves and cares for the members of his ward as well as those of our community. So if he does get in contact with you, please give him an opportunity to visit with you. He really is a good man who sacrifices much of his time with his own family to continue to serve those under his care. If it is easier to meet with him at his office I can pick you up for that meeting. Believe me when I say that you have been and are in the prayers of many.
Don’t worry about feeling pressure to change your mind because I know that he wouldn’t do that. I’m sure that he would like to understand why.”

Comments on: "The Love-Bombs" (4)

  1. Christina,

    I just read thru the email sent by your former VT.
    This is nothing more than CULT love bombardment.
    The comment about the bishop not wanting to “pressure you”. Yeah, right.
    The bishop has assigned her to “bring you back to the fold”. Please, please do not feel pressured to meet with anyone at this time. Also, let it be in your ball court if you do wish to meet. Such as a coffee house, or such. Not in their ‘building’.
    I have seen this over and over again.
    All of sudden, someone becomes “important” when they decide to leave. The insincerity is truly dripping.

  2. Good for you! Do you what ‘you’ feel comfortable with. Don’t feel obligated. 🙂 YOU ARE FREE!!!!!!

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