My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Dear friends,

I know many have assumed that I left Mormonism for any number of reasons. So to set the record straight:

I did NOT leave because of any unresolved sin. My life is still up to very high standards.

Nor did I leave over Word of Wisdom problems.  Although Jesus said, “It’s not what goes in your mouth that makes you unclean, it’s what comes out of your mouth.” Matthew 15:10

I did not have my feelings hurt.

People may have erroneously assumed that I must have had marriage or family problems. Wrong again.

Others have said I don’t understand the “meat” of LDS doctrine. But, I don’t think ANY true thinker could understand it.

Maybe I’ve lost my testimony?  In what, God?  NO!!  In Jesus?  NO!!  In the Bible? NO!!

Or that I’ve been listening to Satan or reading anti-Mormon literature. OK, if you want to call Mormon Doctrine or the Bible, anti-Mormon literature??

Or that perhaps I’ve become closed-minded? On the contrary, my mind has never been so exercised.

Or that I just need to fast and pray. I have done SO much praying for truth and strength to confront the truth–the whole truth and God did help me.

Lastly, people have said maybe I lost the Holy Spirit.  Not at all.  He now dwells in me; he is my life line and my promise for heaven.



Adapted from a document a friend from MIT sent me.  Thanks, Trudy!  🙂


Comments on: "Why I left the Mormon Church…or why I did not…" (4)

  1. People said all kinds of things when I left too. It was amazing…. they said I was bi-polar, mentally ill, possesed by a devil, etc. It’s crazy!

    It’s sad too…… sad that they have to tear someone down just because they choose differently.

    • I’m sure they also blame it on my bipolar. It’s crazy that they said those things about you!

      It is sad, especially since they aren’t following their very own article of faith, #11.

  2. It’s very sad people make such nasty accusations just because you don’t believe the same things as they do anymore.

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