My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Eight more days

December 8th will mark my 60 days since the church acknowledged my letter of resignation. I hear that is when they can remove you at HQ without going through the local channels. I will call then and see.

Ran into a sister, from the ward I used to attend, at the grocery store. Was very awkward. Still, we said hi to each other and said a few words. Nothing about church, just that it’s been a while. I barely recognized her without makeup!

Another sister messaged me on Facebook about meeting to read Preach my Gospel. I haven’t seen her in months, of course. I suppose it’s another tactic to get me back into the church. I should block her on Facebook. I don’t know how she is able to contact me, when I set it up to block all non-friends. All I can think of, is that she still has my messages in her inbox and is able to reply to them. :-/

I left a few groups on Facebook having to do with Mormons and Christians discussing Mormon theology. I had to, as I’m very weak, spiritually, right now. I should probably start reading more of the Bible to become rooted in the Gospel. We’ll see. Right now, school comes first for me.

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  1. Hang in there Sister!!!

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