My experience with leaving the Mormon church

So NOW he writes.

The bishop wrote me this in an email:


I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! I have tried over the last few weeks to get in touch with you regarding your letter requesting your name removal from the records of the church. I have stopped by your house and left several messages on your phone as I really wanted to talk to you in person. I understand that you do not wish to have further contact with the church. I just wanted to convey my regards to you and see if there is anything that we could know as a church regarding your decision. I have not been aware of any ill feelings that you have had against the church or its members in the past so I was very suprised by your request. However, I respect your agency and will proceed with your name removal if this is your wish. If so, please know that we will always be here to welcome you back or to reach out and help you in a time of need.
I wish you the most wonderful Christmas. I hope to hear from you regarding your wish.
Best regards,


Well, no one has been by the house as the dogs bark so loud when someone is at the door or even when a car pulls up!  He has not called the house phone, either.  He may have called the cell phone, as I changed my number, I’ll give him that much.  My husband said to tell him to stop lying, as it’s a sin!  I got a laugh out of that one!

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