My experience with leaving the Mormon church

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Response from Bishop

“Thanks so much for your reply. I am glad to hear that your decision to leave the church is not based on hurt feelings. We have appreciated your friendship during the last few years and hope that we will remain friends for the future. We will go ahead with removing your name from the records of the church. Regaining your membership in the church will now require rebaptism.
Please let me know if there is anything we can help you with in the future.
Best wishes,

I’m done

It’s official!  Today I will no longer be listed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  I cannot wait until my letter gets here.  I am going to put it in with my baptism scrapbook that the sisters made for me of pictures and my certificate!  LOL!

Eight more days

December 8th will mark my 60 days since the church acknowledged my letter of resignation. I hear that is when they can remove you at HQ without going through the local channels. I will call then and see.

Ran into a sister, from the ward I used to attend, at the grocery store. Was very awkward. Still, we said hi to each other and said a few words. Nothing about church, just that it’s been a while. I barely recognized her without makeup!

Another sister messaged me on Facebook about meeting to read Preach my Gospel. I haven’t seen her in months, of course. I suppose it’s another tactic to get me back into the church. I should block her on Facebook. I don’t know how she is able to contact me, when I set it up to block all non-friends. All I can think of, is that she still has my messages in her inbox and is able to reply to them. :-/

I left a few groups on Facebook having to do with Mormons and Christians discussing Mormon theology. I had to, as I’m very weak, spiritually, right now. I should probably start reading more of the Bible to become rooted in the Gospel. We’ll see. Right now, school comes first for me.

Not much of an update

My second letter was accepted at the LDS HQ, yesterday.  I did fax it in, too, but haven’t received acknowledgement of it, like I did the original fax.  It’s just a waiting game.  I haven’t sent any emails to my former VT, even though I got one from her the other day.  I’m just ignoring it.

As far as my spirituality goes, I’m at a standstill.  I read the Gospel of John, but no more of the Bible.  I did download some Bible apps to my smart phone.  One, you can listen to the daily reading plan.  It’s nice, but I’ve only used it once.  I have a friend who is praying for me and trying to find a local church that I should attend.  She’s suggested a few, but one her friend is a preacher of.  She is willing to go with me, too, just for the one service, as she has her own church.  I don’t know, I’m quite overwhelmed with the idea of school.  I feel quite content just being a good person, for now.

Why I left the Mormon Church…or why I did not…

Dear friends,

I know many have assumed that I left Mormonism for any number of reasons. So to set the record straight:

I did NOT leave because of any unresolved sin. My life is still up to very high standards.

Nor did I leave over Word of Wisdom problems.  Although Jesus said, “It’s not what goes in your mouth that makes you unclean, it’s what comes out of your mouth.” Matthew 15:10

I did not have my feelings hurt.

People may have erroneously assumed that I must have had marriage or family problems. Wrong again.

Others have said I don’t understand the “meat” of LDS doctrine. But, I don’t think ANY true thinker could understand it.

Maybe I’ve lost my testimony?  In what, God?  NO!!  In Jesus?  NO!!  In the Bible? NO!!

Or that I’ve been listening to Satan or reading anti-Mormon literature. OK, if you want to call Mormon Doctrine or the Bible, anti-Mormon literature??

Or that perhaps I’ve become closed-minded? On the contrary, my mind has never been so exercised.

Or that I just need to fast and pray. I have done SO much praying for truth and strength to confront the truth–the whole truth and God did help me.

Lastly, people have said maybe I lost the Holy Spirit.  Not at all.  He now dwells in me; he is my life line and my promise for heaven.



Adapted from a document a friend from MIT sent me.  Thanks, Trudy!  🙂

It’s all fake

That’s what I need to remember, that this “love” is all fake.  I would bet that if I did return to the church(believe me, I am NOT going to), the “love” would disappear.  It wasn’t there, before, so why would it be there in the future.? So, I’ve decided not to email my former VT, anymore.  It’s for the best.  As my friend from MIT pointed out, it looks like she was recruited by the bishop to bring me back into the cult!  I don’t need that type of ‘friendship.’

The Love-Bombs

It’s started with just my VT.  I feel like crying.  The following is what she wrote in an email this morning:

“Again, I feel so bad that you asked to have your name removed from the church records, but of course you have your agency to choose that. When someone takes such a drastic measure like this we can’t help but wonder why. It’s human nature I guess. But I do know that we have a wonderful bishop who truly loves and cares for the members of his ward as well as those of our community. So if he does get in contact with you, please give him an opportunity to visit with you. He really is a good man who sacrifices much of his time with his own family to continue to serve those under his care. If it is easier to meet with him at his office I can pick you up for that meeting. Believe me when I say that you have been and are in the prayers of many.
Don’t worry about feeling pressure to change your mind because I know that he wouldn’t do that. I’m sure that he would like to understand why.”