My experience with leaving the Mormon church

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I’m done

It’s official!  Today I will no longer be listed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  I cannot wait until my letter gets here.  I am going to put it in with my baptism scrapbook that the sisters made for me of pictures and my certificate!  LOL!


My second letter to LDS Member Records

Decided since they have not removed my name from the list and it’s been pretty much a month, to fax them again.  I am also sending it certified mail, so they get it and I have proof.  I really have no proof if I fax it to them.  At least not with my fax machine.  It just tells me that it was transmitted, no print out.  So, the letter is below:

“Dear Mr. Dodge,
I wrote to you on October 7, 2010 to have my name removed from the LDS church records and you acknowledged this on October 8, 2010.  As I am no longer a member of the LDS church, and am not subject to the rules of the church, I wish to have this done immediately.  If this is not done within two weeks, I will seek legal counsel.  Again, the only contact I want from the church, including the local ward and stake, is notification of my name being removed from the membership records.