My experience with leaving the Mormon church

Just thinking

The Bishop couldn’t have called my old cell phone.  It’s still activated and I have YouMail on it.  YouMail is a voicemail service that emails you when someone has called, even if they don’t leave a message!  And I haven’t received any emails!  Wow!  The things people do!  I can’t believe that he would lie like that!  I’m sure he’s doing it so he won’t get in trouble with the stake president.  But what does that say about him?  Oh well, it’s his life, not mine.

I received a Christmas card from my ex-VT.  It’s beautiful!  Her husband is a well-known photographer in this area and has been for years.  He must be well-known elsewhere, as he actually had the opportunity to photograph Bush Sr. and his wife not too long ago.  I don’t know who took their family portraits, or who designed the card, but it was very nice.  No, I’m not going back, but I did send her a Christmas card and a short letter about school.

I don’t recall if I mentioned that I ran into an another member of the church while at Walmart the other day.  It was weird.  She said hi to me and the husband and rambled on about doing some grocery shopping.  I was polite and tried to get away as fast as I could.  I tried so hard to be her friend before, but she never showed any effort to want to be friends outside of church.  I rarely talked to her there, either, because she was part of the YW’s presidency, I believe.  So, she was always busy with that and I never saw her outside of sacrament service.  Anyway, it just seemed like pulling teeth to be ‘friends’ with those from the church.  Maybe they just knew that I wasn’t a TBM.  I never did accept all the teachings of the church.  Of course, a few were friends with me on Facebook and saw some of my posts weren’t very conservative like a prim and proper member of the church should be!  LOL!

Oh and I haven’t received any letter about me no longer being a member of the church, at least according to their records.


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